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Beef Stew

October 19th, 2013 by ironcooker








Beef Stew outdoor recipe

Campfire cooking is always fun and very rewarding because there isn’t anything you can cook in your oven at home that you can not cook in a dutch oven over your campfire.
Beef Stew We have a couple favorites that we make on our camping trips and one we would like to share with you is this beef stew recipe with home made egg noodles.
Sometimes we top it off with dumplings made from a recipe printed on a box of Bisquick.  You will want to start out with a nice lean beef roast,
but before preparing the roast you will want to start making your home made egg noodles. I use this egg noodle recipe from – It is a very easy and simple recipe,
you will want to make it ahead of time and refrigerate your noodles until you are ready.
Of course the very first step is starting your campfire.  There are many choices for fire pits and that could be a whole other chapter. When your ready to set up your tripod and
Dutch Oven you will want to boil some water in it for your vegetables. Cut up an onion, half a dozen small potatoes and some carrots for your stew and put them in the boiling water.
cook them until they are just starting to get tender and remove them from the Dutch Oven.Dutch Oven & Tripod
then slowly drop your egg noodles into the boiling water – stir often to keep them from sticking. remove your oven from the fire – drain & rinse the noodles
Now you are ready for your beef roast, put a little oil in your oven & heat it up then sear your roast on all sides,  add just a little water but be very careful,
put the lid on and let it cook until its good and tender, then add the vegetables – egg noodles spices of your choice & enough water to cover everything.
The rest is a matter of letting it simmer on the campfire until you can no longer stand the temptation.


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