Video – How to Cook a Ribeye

How to Cook a Ribeye
Steak is one of those foods where preparation matters.  Roadhouse or steakhouse, pan-fried or grilled, the way that the steak gets prepared colors and informs the rest of the meal.  And not to turn away the ladies in the audience (who are definitely invited to cook, order, and enjoy a steak as they please), but steak is also one of the consummate guy foods.  A staple for some, a classy meal for others saved for special occasions, knowing how to cook a steak the way you like is carnal empowerment.

Check out this video, ‘How to cook a ribeye steak… finally!’  With nothing more than a good piece of ribeye, your cast iron griddle, seasonings, olive oil, and five minutes, you won’t have any excuses anymore not to cook your own ribeye.

Our Takeaways

Our Takeaways
Chef Tim makes a few interesting points in this video.

Fat In Your Cuts

The very first thing they mention is that they’re using a ribeye because of the fatty bit in the top-center.  Fat is a great thing in uncooked steaks, it helps to keep the entire piece moist and really impart some good flavors.


He makes a great point about timing as it relates to temperature with your steak.  Leave it out for a little bit to get to room temperature and let it rest after it’s cooked.  The proteins and collagen in meet react to heat—obviously.  But waiting a few minutes on either end of the cooking process can make the steak turn out so much better.


This might seem small, but it’s important: for seasoning, step 1 is oil and step 2 is seasoning.  Get it wrong, and you’ll wash away any of the salt, pepper, or other seasonings that you wanted in your crust.

Test Doneness with the Thumb Test

We also get a quick demo of the new awesome way to avoid over-cooking your steak: the thumb test.  Chef Tim demonstrates this great little trick that lets you determine how well cooked your steak is just by touch.  But remember, take your steak off before it’s done so it can finish while it’s resting!

Do you have your own takeaways from this video?  Any great tips for cooking ribeye steak?  Or how about another video that we need to see?  Let us know in the comments below!