Campfire Cooking – Ramp Tramp

Ever been to a ramp Tramp?

ramps for ramp tramp festivalIt’s an old North Carolina tradition as old as its hills.Come on down to North Carolina for an experience you will never forgetCampfire cooking, bluegrass songs with all your friends having a good time around the campfire.
Bring your favorite cornbread recipe to bake in that old cast iron skillet thatyou been saving to show off. There will be fish frying that has been caught from a local stream, a rack of pork ribs smoking on a rack in a smoker, eggs & bacon filling the air with smells every morning with a scent you just can’t resist. And then the ramps, it wouldn’t be a ramp tramp without them!
They are a smelly thing these ramps.It’s an old tradition going out in the hills searching for them, with several committees & organized groups setting up everything from the burlapbags to put them in to a bit of liquid corn to wash them down with. Bluegrass music at Ramp Tramp
There will be bluegrass music from one hilltop to another in these Blue Ridge Mountains so bring your skillet, your big Dutch oven & your picking sack to this ramp tramp to have the time of your life’
A great time at ramp tramp with all of your friends, old & new! A great tasting ramp dinner with good old bluegrass music & a traditionas old as these mountains. Things just don’t get any better than that!