Campfire Cooking – Pot Roast Recipes

Pot Roast Recipes

cooking pot roast over campfireWhen I think of campfire cooking I think about big Dutch ovens on a tripod over a campfire with an iron skillet on a grate over flaming coals. I often think of pot roast recipes that would go great on a camping trip.  With so many great recipes to choose from it is hard to actually say what would be a person’s favorite. So will tell you about one I have recently tired that was posted by a friend from Louisiana.
He takes great care looking for recipes to post in his blog for his many readers to enjoy. This week he has come up with a great recipe called Pot roast wood ducks. As always you will find this is a Cajun recipe with Cajun seasonings. Louisiana is sort of noted for that you know, but us northerners like it too. I do hope all of you enjoy pot roast recipes as much as we do.
Make sure you have a good cast Iron Dutch oven big enough to make an ample amount of this for all of your friends because they are going to want to see what you have in this kettle when they smell campfire breakfastthe  scent your campsite is giving off. We all have our favorite camping gear we like to show off. Mine happens to be my new tripod that I am itching to show off this year with my new cast iron Dutch oven &  a new seasoned frying pan. We have made new stands & even have decided to take along our farmall tractor seat stools to sit under our awning. Campfire cooking is getting away from everything to get out enjoying a little part of nature as much as you can. It can be as simple as cooking a hotdog or marshmallow with your youngest child or cooking a 3 course meal for guest. What is important is that you are enjoying your camping experience.