Campfire Cooking – Outdoor Cooking Grills

BBQ Grilling at campgrounds

barbecue outdoor cooking grillOld feelings about bbq outdoor cooking grills years ago,
was round looking items filled with charcoal.
Today there is so many different styles to choose from
& so many sizes, from a fire pit to a small portable
to take to a ball game on your tailgate.
Even electric grills for times when your either in a hurry
or don’t want to mess with the charcoal.
With so many outdoor cooking grills you have to choose
what type is  going to be the best for your situation, & what type of cookware
you will need for each. Some you will cook right on the grate and others
you will want a griddle or cast iron pan.tailgating party outdoor cooking grill
What ever your needs you will find this bbq grill article
interesting & informative
We have two types of bbq grills we take camping with a use for each one.
A  small portable gas grill we take in the back of our truck when we make trips.
Stopping along in roadside stops to cook a hot dog or hamburger.
Its really fun & you don’t have to run way back to town to eat lunch.
Our other one is a small charcoal grill we have at the campsite
to burn the sides of steak on . But best of all is the red coals of our campfire
where we hang the dutch oven filled with baked beans.
Best tasting beans you will ever have is the ones cooked over an open fire.