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Dutch Oven Cooking

December 7th, 2014 by ironcooker

Dutch oven on tripod

Dutch Oven Cooking

Many cooks have one or another Dutch Oven or kettle that they like more than others
Chicken soup in camp chef cc10 dutch ovenMy personal favorite is something that I would have to make a choice over several items, and choose what was being cooked in it.
There is many styles and shapes to choose from that depends on what you are doing with it.
Some people prefer black cast iron and others like enamel coated with its many different colors to choose from.unnamed (4)
A lot people think theirs is the best style or brand there is, and are first in line to tell you that yours is not as good as what they have.
Do not believe a word of it, because if you had a good time at your camp site or preparing a meal for your family that is what counts.
You can find new cast iron Dutch ovens at several locations or watch flea markets & auctions for used items.
I personally use both. I collect old cast Iron and use a lot of newer items too.
When you are shopping for a Dutch oven ask yourself what am I going to be doing with it.

1) Am I going to hang it from a tripod
2) Will I be using it in my oven
3) Am I going to be using it with charcoal or cooking on stove top.
4) what size do I need
5) Do I want enamel coated or black cast iron

Most of this is personal preference, The main thing is to have fun using your new Dutch oven.
We hope to hear from every one of you and see pictures of your cooking experiences.

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