Campfire Cooking – Camping S’mores

Campfire treat ideas

roasting marshmallows for S'moresWhen you think of a campfire one of the first thoughts that come to mind is probably one of marshmallows
on a stick waiting to be smashed between two gram crackers.
Camping & S’mores go together almost as much as hot dogs & ketchup when it comes to camping.
Anyone that does not think so can just look at any kids face on your next camping trip when you
bring out a big bag of marshmallows, a roasting fork & that box of gram crackers.

This is something dates back as far as 1927 where it was published in a girl scout cookbook describing a
campfire dessert consisting of a graham cracker sandwich filled with toasted marshmallow andCampfire S'mores melted chocolate.

This is something that sets off a great bonfire. Even adult kids enjoy burning a marshmallow
or two over a flaming campfire on a great summer night.
As we all know its wintertime now & we are mostly stuck inside with these cold winds blowing outside.
With our cast iron skillets & pans having to be put in our ovens & stove tops until this storm lets up
enough to get outside to our back yard fire pit again.

Something new for this year that puts a unique twist to our camping & S’mores ideas is something you will find very tasty are
these S’more Cupcakes that we have been reading about at with a great marshmallow frosting.
Something we recommend everyone that has a sweet tooth to try these great party snacks or desert cupcakes.