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Food For Camping

Campfire cooking can be a challenging experience when you have children along on your camping trip. Kids can be as picky about what they eat as any Camp fire Food Hot Dogscreature on earth. Pack Camping food that can be made by themselves or with supervision from their parents. Always remember to never leave a child unsupervised by a campfire by themselves because of obvious reasons. Children like hot dogs on a stick or long stainless hot dog forks that work great for roasting brats or marshmallows over a campfire.  We have more than one set of these stored away in our camper for cooking brats almost every night at our favorite campgrounds. S’mores is another favorite that kids like to make at a campsite. There is something about roasting a marshmallow over an open fire that just can’t be copied at home. Have you ever tried stuffed bananas? Hollow out a banana & stuff it with peanut butter & chocolate: place it back in its skin & roast it over a fire for Camp fireonly a few minutes. There are many other items that can be packed for children & adults on your camping trip but don’t forget to pack a big supply of trail mix for your long hiking adventures. These are just a few items you may want to consider when packing your camping food items this spring. I am quite sure you have a real big list of your favorite items too & we would really like to hear your ideas. Leave your comments & tell us your thoughts too!