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Campfire Cookware

campfire cookware set For most of us camping is more of a way of life that we can’t seem to do without. It comes from being in this great outdoors most of the time that sparks something deep down inside that drives us to that feeling we have. Campfire cooking can be so good if you have a good set of cast iron cookware, a tripod is not a must but it sure does help out a lot.
You will create meals with that outdoor flavor that you just can’t find in any inside kitchen.
Watch carefully not to burn your food because   heat from a campfire is hard to get use to.
Also a good plan is needed to pack everything you will possibly need on this trip because the store isn’t just around a corner for you to go to.
On your checklist be sure to see if your campsite allows campfires. This kind of thing will ruin a camping trip if you plan to cook & your campground doesn’t allow fires.
You can pack many different brands of lightweight campfire cookware such as aluminum, but beware that it heats up very fast. If you can pack it along your good old set of cast iron cookware is your best campfire cookware to have along.
With fall season here & winter is hinting to be here soon, we are packing our gear for hunting camp.
You can be sure there is a cast iron Dutch oven with a three legged tripod in our hunting gear.camping tripod
There is nothing like a big pot of venison stew or a kettle full of chili on a cool evening will sitting around a campfire talking to good friends.
Until next time, enjoy your campfire cookware with some great camping or hunting stories with your friends too !