4 Essentials For Campfire Cooking

4 Essentials Campfire Cooking

One of the highlights of any camping trip is a good meal cooked over a campfire.  There is something extraordinary about the experience.  In today’s camping society, modern cookware and specialty camping cookware make it so easy!  The camping adventure would not be complete without gathering around the fire to supervise a meal that’s finishing up, almost ready to be served.  Here’re 4 essentials to prime your campfire cooking experience!

1. Building a Campfire

Building A Campfire With RocksSelection of a campfire site is a must when it comes to building a good fire.  Sometimes camp-grounds and state parks provide campfire sites for the fire to be built in.  If a site isn’t already provided for a fire, it is best to select a site at least 8′ from the bushes and any other combustibles.  It is also very important that no tree branches hang over.  Forrest fires are very easily started and anytime you are starting a fire, careful planning is a must.

Once you’ve found a good fire building site, build a semi-circle out of rocks or stones.  Place a large rock in the back of the semi-circle and this will act as a chimney, which will help to keep the smoke spiraling upwards instead of in your face.

2. Getting the Campfire Burning

Getting The Campfire BurningGather some small sticks and branches to use as kindling.  Shredded paper and some twigs would also be great to place in the center of the circle.  It is important to cover the entire fire area in order to have a good fire going.

Using matches or a lighter, light some of the paper in different areas of the circle and watch the fire start to burn!  When you start getting larger flames, introduce logs to get a good fuel source going.  Charcoal can also be used for campfire cooking.  Once the flames have died down and the coals are glowing, you can start cooking.

3. The Grill Option

The Grill Option Dutch Oven Open FireOne option is to get a grill and put it over the fire, supporting it with level stones or rocks.  Using two level logs instead is another option.  Anything you want to cook can go directly on top of the grill, using a spatula or tongs to rotate and grill evenly.

Of course, bringing a grill out is only one option.  You can enjoy a wide range of recipes is you bring out some more sophisticated cookware, like your dutch oven.

4. What To Cook?

What To Cook Dutch Oven RecipesUsing a sharpened stick or a roasting skewer, hot dogs and marshmallows are maybe the most classic camping fair.  All you need to do is impale your food on the implement and hold it directly over the fire until it’s cooked to your preference.

Other kebabs are great for camping.  Try this: Place chopped pieces of meat on a skewer stick and add pineapple chunks between the meat, tomatoes, peppers, and onions.  Lay them on the grill until completely cooked.  Turning them often for even cooking.

Potatoes are another great option and easy to make.  Slice potatoes and add some cheese and onions along with salt and pepper and wrap in foil.  Then place directly onto the hot coals.  They will be delightful.

Of course, these aren’t the only options for enjoying a campfire meal, and cooking outdoors really can be a decadent foodie’s delight!

Do you have any campfire cooking tips and tricks that you’ve tried?  Any great recipes?  Tell us about it in the comments below!

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