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Category Archives: Campfire Cooking

31 Mar

Baking Pan Size Versus Dutch Oven Reference

As I always tell people you really don’t need dutch oven recipes because any recipe you cook in one becomes a dutch oven recipe.   One of the problems one runs into when using a dutch oven for recipes out of modern cook books or even older ones, is trying to figure out what oven

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20 Mar

Wood Coals And Dutch Ovens

Credits to Glen Carman   In Dutch oven cooking we often talk about cooking with either wood coals or charcoal, but in reality, they are the same thing. Wood coals being charcoal we make ourselves on demand, charcoal most often referring to pre-manufactured charcoal. Strictly speaking charcoal is an organic substance (aka a living or

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02 Mar

Campfire Cooking Made Easy

Maybe you’re new to campfire cooking.  Maybe you’ve cooked on a campfire, but not for a long time– say, since your last boy scout/girl scout adventure. Part of the fun of real camping is eating something that you’ve made, not ordered.  Cooking edible meals on a campfire should be simple, fun, and something anyone can

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28 Feb

Campers and Hunters: Why Dutch Ovens Are Your Best Friend

For our regular readers and those who do a lot of family camping, you know that a Dutch oven is your most utilitarian camp fire cookware. Whether you are backpacking, hunting, or just camping with the family, a good Dutch oven can be used for all kinds of campfire cooking. In fact, you can prepare

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29 Nov


A camping recipe for your Dutch Oven Most of you that have seen our set up at shows know one of the things we always have going over the weekend is a skillet or Dutch Oven of Hawaiian chicken. Fried Potatoes and onions with eggs at breakfast time is a normal thing to smell when

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22 Oct

Recipe: Dutch Oven Pumpkin Banana Bread

Dutch Oven Pumpkin Banana Bread When I have friends over to my house I always like to have something in the oven to smell up the place and to give those individuals the chance to enjoy something warm and homemade during their visit. This Dutch Oven Pumpkin Banana Bread is one of my go-to recipes

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