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Back to Basics: Cooking Eggs in Cast Iron

June 26th, 2014 by ironcooker

Cooking Eggs in Cast Iron
We found this great, minimalist video that easily demonstrates some of the things we love about cooking with cast iron. The man in the video simply cooks eggs two ways: fried and scrambled. But in doing that, he demonstrates a few things:

  1. Even heating: Scrambled eggs like to go into a pre-heated pan, and the thoroughly even distribution of heat in the cast iron skillet is almost ideal for this recipe.
  2. Non-Stick Qualities: The fried eggs, which could otherwise be a little difficult to handle, easily slides into any position in the pan that we would want.
  3. Easy Cleanup: Cleaning these pans takes little more than a paper towel to wipe up the food particles and excess grease.  Easy as pie!


For those of you following along, here are the two recipes he makes in the video.

Single Fried Egg

  1. Using a cast iron griddle, pre-heat over medium heat.
  2. Grease the griddle using about 1.5 tsp of bacon grease.  Spread to coat the entire griddle.
  3. Add salt and pepper to the greased griddle.
  4. Allow the pan to warm up until you observe a little smoke coming off.
  5. Add a single egg.
  6. Wait until the underside of the egg has set (about 30-40 seconds).  Using a thin spatula, flip the egg.
  7. Let the egg cook for another 30-40 seconds and turn off your heat.
  8. Serve.

Scrambled Eggs

  1. Using a cast iron pan, pre-heat over medium heat.
  2. Grease the skillet using 1 tsp of bacon grease.  Spread to coat the pan.
  3. Add salt and pepper to the pan to taste.
  4. When the pan begins to smoke, add six, fork-beaten eggs.
  5. Stir the eggs until solid.  When most of the liquid has cooked off, turn off heat.
  6. Remove eggs when solid.

Clean Up

cast-iron-egg-clean-upEggs are sticky, of course.  So if any particles get stuck on your pan or griddle, there’s an easy and even green fix.  Just put a little salt in your paper towel and use it to scrub off the excess.  If you’re concerned that the paper towels don’t sop up all of the grease, don’t be.  A little bit of grease will contribute to that enamel that we love so much.

Have you used your cast iron for eggs?  What are your favorite breakfast recipes?  Let us know in the comments section below!

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Plan For Your Camping Trip to Avoid Disaster

June 19th, 2014 by ironcooker

Plan For Your Camping Trip to Avoid Disaster
We’ve all had trips where things just didn’t go right. Going camping should be a fun, relaxing experience, but it can turn into a disaster.  Choosing the wrong camp site, bringing the wrong supplies, or finding the campground completely booked can add up to a bad camping experience. But with a little planning, you can easily make your outdoor trip into an awesome and memorable adventure!

Do Your Research

do-your-reasearchSo that your vacation will be relaxing and fun, you should know more about the area where you’re going and what facilities it has. Go to the campground’s website to find a lot of the information you’ll need. Check the website’s map of site locations to find the perfect campsite.  But how do you know which campsite is the best one?

When searching for the perfect campsite, you have to weigh your desire for convenience against the need for peace and quiet. For example, you want to be close to the bathrooms, because long midnight trips in the dark are no fun. But you don’t want to be too close, either, or you’ll have to listen to everyone else in the campground walking by. Plus, bad smells from the restrooms can catch on the wind, so choose your site carefully!

You’ll also want to avoid being too close to high-traffic areas like the offices or any beaches. Staying relatively close to these places makes them more convenient, but the office and beach can get pretty noisy.

Make Advance Reservations

make-advanced-reservationsOnce you’ve done your research, call or email the campground and make reservations as early as possible. This way, it’s more likely you’ll get the specific campsite you want. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than showing up to find that the site you wanted is booked. Or, even worse, finding out that the whole campground is full!

Find out what the office hours are and ask about any specific rules the campground has. Also, if you’re making your reservations more than six weeks before your planned trip, call the campground about a week before your vacation to confirm the reservation.

Get All Your Licenses and Permits

Get-All-Your-Licenses-and-PermitsCheck with the campground office or local authorities to find out if you need fishing licenses or campfire permits. Look into buying these online or over the phone. Also, ask if there are any restricted-access areas, so you can avoid them.

If you can’t buy your licenses or permits online, try to stop in a local store or office to purchase them before you get to the campground. This way, you can get your campsite set up and start having fun right away instead of worrying about getting the right permits.

Prepare For The Weather

Prepare-For-The-WeatherFor summer camping, shorts and t-shirts are the norm. But, remember that weather is unpredictable, and summer nights can be cold. Make sure you bring:

  • a couple of sweatshirts or sweaters
  • a light raincoat
  • a pair of jeans.
  • extra socks and underwear

Roasting marshmallows or watching shooting stars is a lot more fun when you are warm and cozy! By coming prepared, you’ll save time and money, since local stores might be far away. Plus, they usually have really high prices, especially if you’re in a touristy area.

You’ll also want to bring separate bags or a folding drying rack for any wet clothes you have after going swimming, boating, or doing other water activities.

Careful planning can seem like a hassle, but it’s the key to a successful and stress-free camping vacation. What are some of your best tips for planning a fun camping trip? What was your best camping trip? Or your worst? Let us know in the comments below.

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Back to Basics: Cooking Eggs in Cast Iron

Thursday June 26th, 2014 in Iron Cookware Recipes | No Comments »

Plan For Your Camping Trip to Avoid Disaster

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