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Videos: How to Use and Tune Your Duck Call

January 8th, 2014 by ironcooker

How to Use and Tune Your Duck Call
Some of our readers look forward to some of the fun outdoor winter activities, including duck hunting.  It seems like every type of game has a special type of lure or consideration when you’re on the hunt, and for ducks the iconic duck call comes into play.  But if you don’t have much experience with one, they can be a little difficult to use well.

Here are a couple of videos to help you come to terms with your duck call and hunt like a pro!

Use a Duck Call

How to Use A Duck Call

This is sort of an introductory/orientation type of clip.  Here are a few of the takeaways:

  • Cup with your off-hand.  By cupping the end of the barrel with your off-hand and moving and adjusting it, you can manipulate the tone, volume, and direction of the call.
  • Loose, casual lip contact.  The instructor uses the metaphor of bringing the call to your lips as if you were drinking a soft drink.
  • Stay practiced year-round.  You can keep your calling sharp by practicing with the call anytime.  Try mimicking natural duck calls you hear, recording the calls to get a better idea of what it sounds like from the other end—even enter into duck calling contests so you’ll stay motivated to keep sharp.

Duck Calling For Beginners

Veteran duck hunter Jim King gives some tips and perspective about using a duck call for beginners.

  • Let it sound natural.  Jim runs through a couple of the types of calls and what they mean to the ducks.  This is definitely one of the most important parts, because you’re trying to speak the duck’s language in a very literal sense.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Jim advocates for practicing duck calls all the time—he says he got in thousands of hours of practice by the time he was thirty.
  • Make it look real.  The call is only one part of expert duck hunting.  Jim and his partners create an entire setting and scene to convince ducks that it’s safe to land in their area.

Have you had any experience with a duck call?  Do you have any pointers?  What challenges did you face?  Let us know in the comments section!

Posted in Hunting & Fishing Life | 1 Comment »

Videos: How to Use and Tune Your Duck Call

Wednesday January 8th, 2014 in Hunting & Fishing Life | 1 Comment »

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