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Outdoor Hiking – Wilderness Hiking

October 23rd, 2011 by ironcooker

A wilderness hunting trip

Years add a lot to a person’s life as far as knowledge when it comes to being outdoors there is no replacement for experience.

hiking wilderness parkBeing in trouble in an outdoor situation is no less traumatic in your own neighborhood than it is 20 miles off the open road.

Being scared, panicked, fear stricken is something that is hard
to overcome no matter where or what situation you are in.

Be prepared for the worst things to happen, have an open mind & trust your instincts.

Get outside to enjoy a great wilderness hiking experience !

It is the 1st week of October,. It is a time all of us avid hunters dream about all year long.

This year was going to be different.  We had made a plan to travel to an old hunting camp we know that is out of reach for most hunters. As we loaded our gear in my old truck our conversations were little. We knew the situation that was ahead.
After driving for 4 hours we stopped for lunch at a little restaurant we all agreed that would be our last meal inside with other people until our trip home.

Later that afternoon we called in our location to one of our friends at home before heading into this wilderness area.
God bless this modern technology, GPS>Cell phone, exc.

Our hiking trip would have been a great idea; we had great friends, good food, a great location, with lots of reasons for this to be a wonderful trip.

We set up a base camp after our two day hike; this was going to be great.wilderness hiking camp

John shot an 8 point on his first trip out and became our first camp cook. That afternoon things took a swing  from good to bad. It was getting dark & we had heard no word from our other partner Ed.  He had a cell phone & we all had mapped out locations on our gps.

Ed had shot a doe & was on his way down his tree stand when a pack of coyotes came in to see if he would make a good lunch to go along with the deer he shot. On his way back up he stuck an arrow in his leg & dropped his cell phone

We always leave one person at base camp but we was down to two of us now & it was dark. I had Eds phone on my Gps so we went out after him.  Not knowing how bad or what situation we were heading into. We packed out 12 gage along with us into this wilderness while looking for our friend.

I fired two shots into darkness when yipping animals came at us. This sound scared them off.  Thank goodness because John & I were about done being brave, we were running on pure survival at this point.

I yelled ED. ED. Where are you!!

Can you be any louder he said, I’m up here.

Shook up from this situation & a good gash in his leg that we washed out & sewed up with our makeshift kit we have.  I learned from an old fishing trip that sometimes you have to do this kind of thing.

Ed didn’t want to go home so we watched that sore on his leg close & called in to home to let them know our situation every day.  Coyotes got that doe but Ed shot a great 6 point three days later.  My hat is off to this man, what a sportsman he is.

I hope every one of you experience a great wilderness hiking experience.  Pitching your tent in your back yard or taking a three day trip through forest covered land. It is just  your relationship with nature that matters.


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Iron Cooker Updates – October 16th newsletter

October 16th, 2011 by ironcooker

Iron Cooker Newsletter


October is here again, bringing wonderful color to our neighborhood with many things to do.  Canning season is upon us. Many of us have taken to our woods for hunting season. Hiking & backpacking is in full swing too. What a wonderful time of year to enjoy being outdoors.

October leavesWe have been looking at some new products that you may be interested in, some we have added already & some we will have in a couple months.

Some things we are adding that we think is a great line for our customers are a new product from Berndes Signocast line. We will be introducing new signocast pearl gourmet cookware.  We are very excited about this new line of ceramic coated aluminum cookware. Lighter than traditional cast iron with some great stylish features.


Some other things we have added.


12 Inch Covered Chicken Fryer

Large CAST IRON Deer Head Bell Wonderful solid cast iron rust color piece that measures 11 inches x 8 1/2 inches x 5 inches, with a string as shown to ring the bell. Has two holes for mounting

Range Kleen 10 Inch Stainless Steel Non Stick Frypan [CW2018R] 
Price: $19.50


Enamel Cast Iron Red Apple Pot 2 1/2-qt [FC-2693R]  Red cast iron apple pot
Price: $33.50


Apple Peeler W/Suction Cup Base [701] Apple Peeler W/Suction Cup Base
Price: $19.95

Peel,slice & core apples in one step. Can be used for potatoes too! This comes with suction base which holds securely to your counter top. Our coring/slicing blade easily removes an apple core. Stainless steel peeling blade can be adjusted for different cutting depths. High-quality durable metal base that will last for years. Great for peeling potatoes too!


8 Inch Blue Swirl Trivet [CW5005R] 8 Inch Blue Swirl Trivet
Price: $9.50  This 8 Inch Blue Swirl Trivet will keep your counter tops from being scorched by hot pots. Hang them from the wall when they are not in use as creative, decorative art! They will always be right at hand when you need them. High quality enamel coating is durable & easy to clean. Features
8 inches -Durable glossy enamel coating -Cast iron core


Old Mountain Rooster Trivet [0166-10189]  Old Mountain Rooster Trivet
Price: $15.00



Old Mountain Pig Trivet [0166-10188]  
Price: $15.00

Old Mountain Pig Trivet is a great trivet to set hot pans on .

Pre seasoned cast iron shaped like a pig
Measures approximately 7.5 inches W x .75 inches H.



With many more items!


Visit our website to view them all


Now for you that have left comments on our blog this month we had s special prize
for all of you.
We hope you enjoy the recipe book we have composed & sent  a
link to all of our readers that have replied.

This link will expire soon so if you are one of these lucky ones that
responded be sure to download your copy!


Now a lot of you have sent in comments with request to Dutch oven recipes. Some for chili others for chicken pot pies,

We have some great links with recipes for Dutch oven cooking on our blog, listed under Dutch oven recipes.


Others have requested we send in recipes for fish or beef stew.
Some have wanted to see more desert recipes.
We are posting this apple cinnamon cobbler for you desert lovers.



2 white cake mixes, any brand
1 can apples
1-2 sticks butter, salted or unsalted
Aluminum foil
Dutch Oven
CinnamonLine the inside of the Dutch oven with foil, making sure it is covered completely. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you do this or else the pan will be very hard to clean and so you can get it out!!!Put the white cake mix in the bottom of the Dutch oven. Spread it around so it completely covers the bottom. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top of the cake mix. Put the canned apples over the top of the cake mix. Add a little more cinnamon on top of the apples. Add the second cake mix and cover the apples with it. Slice the butter and put it on top of the cake mix. Add a little cinnamon over the butter.Cook until inside is warm and all the cake mix is not powder. The outside should be golden brown.



Once again thank you from all of us at Iron Cooker.

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Iron Cookware Recipes – Chili Recipes

October 9th, 2011 by ironcooker

Great Chili recipe ideas

When it comes to iron cookware recipes one that can not ever be topped around our camp-fire

Great Chili recipe

is a great pot of Chile. Anyone that has ever visited our camp site in one of many campgrounds around
this country knows our Dutch oven is hanging over our fire pit full of Chile.

We have discovered many great recipes over years of camping with good people that we have met.
We will start out this as an invite to all of our readers to share your camp chili recipes.
To start things out we would like to share a couple that we have found.

As you may know Chili con carne has been named  State food of Texas by the State Legislature in 1977
Almost all Texans will tell you that there is no doubt that there is only one place you can find this great red bowl.
ranging from days when cowboys would pack chili for lunch on trail rides.Chili with cheese

Here is a great recipe & video to start things out with.  We will be waiting to hear all of your great chili recipe ideas too !

There are a million variations of this recipe and this is just one of them. Feel free to experiment and make it your own. I make
this one on a wood fire while camping and it serves 2 healthy appetites or three normal ones. This works fine with a 3 quart cast
iron Dutch oven, but I like to use the 5 quart because if someone else shows up hungry you can easily add whatever you have in
camp to stretch it out. This recipe is tangy but not hot. Adjust to your taste.
1 pound hamburger - I use the leanest I can find, but whatever you prefer is best.
1 large onion - Vidalia are nice but too mild. I prefer a pungent yellow or white onion. Slice, chop, dice or however you prefer
1 large RIPE tomato - cut up into 2 or 3 inch pieces.
1 16 oz can black beans
1 16 oz can red kidney beans
1 red bell pepper - you can use any color you would like but the red adds a sweetness that compliments the hot stuff.
3 shakes crushed red pepper
3 splashes jalapeno sauce
garlic to taste - I usually use a powder when camping, but fresh chopped up fine is excellent.
Warm the Dutch oven on a grate over a hot fire (more coals than flame). Pour just enough of your favorite oil to coat the
bottom of the pot. Sauté the onions, tomato and bell pepper, stirring as needed until they start to soften. Add the hamburger and
mix well; cover and allow the hamburger to brown. Add both cans of beans, the jalapeno sauce, the garlic and the crushed red
pepper; mix well and cover again. Stirring frequently allows you to monitor the texture. If the fire is too hot the chili may
thicken too much. Add a little water if needed but be careful not to make it too watery.


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Outdoor Hiking – Wilderness Hiking

Sunday October 23rd, 2011 in Outdoor Hiking | 10 Comments »

Iron Cooker Updates – October 16th newsletter

Sunday October 16th, 2011 in Iron Cooker Updates | 17 Comments »

Iron Cookware Recipes – Chili Recipes

Sunday October 9th, 2011 in Iron Cookware Recipes | 22 Comments »

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