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Outdoor Hiking – Ancient Canyons

April 2nd, 2011 by ironcooker

Ancient ruins along southern Utah

Ancient Canyons Along Southern Utah & Colorado are  some very remote sites.  One of them is Hovenweep National Monument.
This is a great wild hiking area if you’re into adventure that will  take you off the trails to little known back country areas
with many exciting features that are waiting for you ! Southwest Colorado features Holly Ruins.
Its a bit of a rough road, for the seasoned hiker with horseshoe Trails, featuring several big boulders along Keeley Canyon.
This is a great place to go if you really want to leave behind thoughtsof work. The adventure is one you do not want to miss !

Number 2 spot in this Ancient canyons resource is Goodman Point Pueblo.goodman point Ancient Canyons
This is an an unpublicized site close to the north end of Sand Canyon trails that is not visible from the highway.
Goodman Point Pueblo has 42 different sites for hikers to visit.Another one of the great places of
Ancient canyons that are greatly recommended to any adventurous hikers.
Yellow Jacket Canyon is another great area on Cannonball Mesa’s west end just 26 miles west of Cortez Co.
With an unmarked trail to its top,  it is an easy hike with a view that makes the whole trip worth it.
Be sure not to miss out on these adventure spots if you are inclined to take a trip to Utah or Colorado,
This is a great place for an early spring vacation.There are many things to think about when planning a trip like this. Clothing – food – cooking supplies
If you’re a hiker thinking about these trails, you already know footwear is almost number one.
At base camp back where you left your car & tent you are going to want some good cookware.  It has been a long day on the trail,
you don’t want plastic plates, tin cans to cook in with a mess on your hands.  We are outdoors people, everyone wants at least one
darn good cast Iron skillet that will take what ever that fire will put out , & one sturdy cooking pot.
You can carry water, wash dishes, or cook in a big dutch oven, Buy one that will take the abuse & you wont be sorry.

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Outdoor Hiking – Ancient Canyons

Saturday April 2nd, 2011 in Outdoor Hiking | 44 Comments »

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