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Campfire Cooking – Campfire Tripod

July 17th, 2010 by ironcooker

A campfire tripod is great for many of your camp cooking needs

Campfire TripodCooking on a campfire does require some equipment, but in the real world you want lightweight and compact supplies that are easy to carry with you and still be very functional and will allow you to a lot of different things. Camp fire skewer cooking is as easy, simple and compact as you can get, but there is A limited in what types of foods you can prepare on a skewer. And a fire pit grill or portable grill requires carrying a lot of bulky equipment which can also be a big pain if you are backpacking or really camping out. Saying that, a campfire tripod is in reality one of the best “all-purpose” camp cooking supplies you can invest in ! * What is a campfire tripod? A tripod is a three-legged stand that is put over your campfire or fire pit and allows you to hang various types of cooking equipment over your fire. Most of them come equipped with a chain to hang the supplies on which you can raise or lower the cooking equipment to your desired height so that you can adjust your cooking temperature. This is a big advantage because cooking directly on a large fire can be too hot for most foods. a grill, oven and burner all rolled into one! The tripod allows you to turn your outdoor fire into a multipurpose cooking sitewood pole tripod * What different styles of campfire cooking can be done on a tripod? There are Two basic types of cooking which can be done with a campfire tripod. Firstly, you can use a grill on a tripod,. The grill can be lowered or raised over the fire to reach the cooking temperature. Secondly, a number of different cooking vessels can be held on the suspended grill or by the chain to cook over the fire like over a burner. These can include anything with a handle that they can be suspended from such as a dutch oven for cooking stews and soups and a kettle for heating water for coffee or tea. * How to use a tripod A tripod is fairly easy to use. Most are made of three metal rods which break down into smaller segments. After connecting the segments the three legs are spread out in a triangle around your campfire or fire pit. Finally, your cooking devices are attached to the adjustable chain . This can be raised and lowered as needed to fine tune the amount of heat and fire , higher for warming and slower cooking and lower for high heat grilling. somewhere in the middle for stews and soups. When you are finished using, the legs come back apart and the entire tripod can be folded up into a relatively small space. You can make your own as we have done many times when out in the backwoods, or there is several good commercial tripods you can purchase.  If you have additional questions on where to order from visit our website and drop us an e mail.  we will be glad to tell you of the brand we usually use.


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Campfire Cooking – Campfire Tripod

Saturday July 17th, 2010 in Campfire Cooking | 186 Comments »

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